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Curriculum at Old Time Barber College goes beyond preparing students for the State  Barber Licensure Examination. Our instructors work with students to make sure they are well-versed in the latest techniques and hair styling trends. Student barbers are also provided a well-rounded education in matters associated with running a shop, and customer care techniques. Our OTBC graduates are prepared to become community leaders, and the lessons learned while attending one of the best  barber training schools in the nation, act as the foundation for success.           60 YEARS OF SUCCESS

Barber - 1200 Hour Program

After successful completion of the barbering program, students may explore the following opportunities:

  • Barber in a salon or barber shop

  • Hair designer in a salon or barber shop

  • Manage or own a salon or barber shop

Training Hours

350 Hours -  History of Barbering and Scientific Fundamentals

  • Professional Ethics, Hygiene

  • Grooming and First Aid

  • Study of the hair, skin, scalp and structure of the head

  • Elementary chemistry relating to sanitation, sterilization and bacteriology

  • Economics of Shop Management

  • Electricity as Applied to Barbering

700 Hours -  Practical Work

  • Shaving, Facials, Massage

  • Men’s and Women’s Haircutting

  • Permanent Waving

  • Hair Tinting - Temporary, Semi-permanent and Permanent Color

150 Hours - Shop Management

  • Business Training and Laws Relating to the Kansas State Board and Barber Examiners

1200 Hours          TOTAL